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Our independently developed Method ERP is the origination of the Linux technology. It has increased information and data storage volume, as well as operating speed by as high as 75%. This has broken the traditional E R P using Microsoft as the core development technology.

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Method ERP’s newest technology includes:
1. The astonishing handling of information and data storage volume
2. Method ERP’s operation system is through multi-level information and data storage handling which leads to its speedy operation performance.

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The use of intellectualized flow operation technology completely fulfills custom-made requirements and greatly decreases manual operations and workloads.

Adapting the newest technology of PHP, JSP and Java as core system languages allowing faster operational speed, Method ERP is able to make a big stride forward into a new generation. On the Internet, the Linux technology takes up 70% share in the market; Linux’s free-to-use original code has enabled Method ERP to have a breakthrough in its research and development and of those, include;
a. Incorporating PHP language in Method ERP’s software allows the online system to operate at a faster pace over the intranet. .
b. Where information and data not able to be handled by PHP language, Java language is adopted in the software to allow Method ERP to have an outstanding online operation performance.

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To reduce customers’ headaches in researching and deciding on what type of hardware would be suitable after purchasing the software, Method ERP provides a One-Stop Solution with a package of both the software and the hardware.


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